It’s time to simplify things.

Having had time to reflect on life and lack thereof during lockdown it’s time for change. Let’s be honest. I’m a one man creative band with a big network of creatives and I got a bit lazy updating multiple sites doing too much work for clients. Like the proverbial cobblers’ shoes my various different sites suffered because there were simply too many of them.

So, to keep it simple, this is what I can help with:

Interior design projects. I do midcentury modern and industrial quite well.

I create and refine brands, write copy, build websites and deliver large digital projects. Whether you’re a startup, a medium sized business or large corporate. I’ve done them all. 🙂

I sell art which you can see at my studio.

Feel free to visit me in Studio 7 at the Halpern Conservancy Building in Rochester. It’s a beautiful building and you won’t be disappointed by all the incredible art and interiors. Cafe downstairs is also doing well despite COVID and they’re doing a great job trying to keep it as safe as possible. And after more than 3 years of living in Rochester I can still confirm that it’s a beautiful little town worth visiting. And only 35 mins by train from St Pancras.

If you’d like to discuss a project just send me a message via email, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest (new followers are always appreciated! 😉 )

I’m actually quite excited about a new and simplified me, let’s see how that goes…