…is at my house. Just kidding. Anyone who has met me knows I’m a bit coffee obsessed. Living in Melbourne for many years does that to you.

I try my best to make good coffee at home, but I’m not planning on opening a cafe myself any time soon. (Believe me I’ve run the numbers many times… Just doesn’t add up, and I think I still prefer going to a cafe rather than running one).

So, if you did decide to come and visit beautiful Rochester here’s where you should go for coffee (or lunch or both):

#1 Seaplane works – definitely the best coffee, but a little pricey and limited food, although it’s always high quality and I like their wraps and soups. They also have lots of vegan options if that’s your thing.

# 2 The Cheese Room – decent coffee (not great) but really good lunches and lovely interior. Like all service in Rochester and Kent though, beware! Service can be bit slow sometimes. It’s not London. I’m working on it. 😉

# 3 Cafe Nucleus – amazing interior, art and good cocktails and many lunch options. Again the coffee won’t send you writing raving reviews but it’s ok and the surroundings make up for it.

#4 Kangaroo Court Cafe – friendly owners who decided to move location to Rochester High Street from Chatham in the first week of lockdown… So, no longer there. Really hope they reopen at some point!

#5 Deaf Cat – the equivalent to a local Costa that makes pretty decent coffee. But not much food to choose from.

So, here you have it. Lots of choices. And I’m always up for a coffee if you drop by.