15 street art pieces have popped up all over Medway in the last week of March. Follow me on instagram @yemohdesign to find out what has gone up where and to read each thank you message that goes with each piece.

A huge THANK YOU to all key workers who worked tirelessly to keep us all as safe as possible. #medwayheroes

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project click here to read my blog post, or there’s an article on Kent Online and a video on Enjoy Medway and a Medway council website dedicated to the Rainbow Effect. You might have also seen or heard me about the the project on BBC News Southeast and BBC Radio Kent.

So thankful to have been part of this incredible project. Thank you so much for all your positive feedback and responses!

No. 1 ‘We ❤️ Nurses’ at Bowen Moto, Luton Road, Chatham
We heart Entertainers on Old Rochester High Street
No. 2 ‘We ❤️ Entertainers’ at The Space/Naked Products on Old Rochester High Street, Rochester
No. 3 ‘We ❤️ Cleaners’ at Twydall Community Centre
We heart neighbours is showing a woman with a rainbow umbrella on a black door dropping off a jar of food. It says We heart neighbours. #medwayheroes. Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit
No. 4 ‘We ❤️ Neighbours’ at The Bike Warehouse on Gillingham High Street
'We Heart Couriers' shows a courier in black and grey from behind delivering boxes. It says 'we heart couriers' above to the left and #medwayheroes to the left as well as 'Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit.' It's on a white wall of the Strood Community Hub
No. 5 ‘We ❤️ Couriers’ is at the Strood Community Hub (back entrance), best accessed from the car park near Commercial Road in Strood.
No. 6 ‘We ❤️ Retail Staff’ is at the back of Iceland in Strood on Commercial Road. Best seen from the Retail Park across the Road (opposite Starbucks).
'We Heart Scientists' shows a scientist in full protective gear looking through magnifying equipment. The figure is appearing out of a door. It reads 'We Heart Scientists' Hands. Face
No. 7 ‘We ❤️ Scientists’ is at the artists’ entrance of Nucleus Halpern Conservancy building in Rochester and can be seen from Corporation Street.
'We Heart Paramedics' shows half an ambulance coming out of the right wall. It reads 'We heart Paramedics' #medwayheroes Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit.
No. 8 ‘We ❤️ Paramedics’ is at the home and garden builders merchants on Delce Road in Rochester.
'We Heart Keyworkers' depicts a waste collector in orange, yellow, red, black and grey outfit carrying a white bin bag on a brick wall. It reads 'We heart key workers' #medwayheroes to the left and Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit. to the right
No. 9 ‘We ❤️ Key Workers’ is at Vanity Tattoo on Rainham High Street.
'We Heart Teachers' shows a teacher in a grey jumper and black hair pointing her right arm towards a black framed board. The red heart comes of her hand and it reads 'We heart teachers' #medway heroes.
No 10 ‘We ❤️ Teachers’ is displayed on the Lordswood Library/Community Hub opposite Lloyds Pharmacy.
'We Heart Doctors' depicts a doctor in PPE sideways looking up. The doctor is in black and grey on a white rough wall. It reads 'We heart doctors' #medwayheroes Hands. Face. Space. to the right along the white fence brick wall.
No. 11 ‘We ❤️ Doctors’ is displayed in Walderslade Village on the white fence of Kent Smile Dentist.
'We heart carers' shows an old lady walking with her walking stick supported by a kind masked carer. Both are in black and white. It reads 'We heart carers' to the right
No. 12 ‘We ❤️ Carers’ can be found in Chatham High Street on Chocafella’s wall.
We Heart our Police shows the back of a police officer wearing a custodian helmet and with his arms behind his back. The piece is black and grey stencil art on a white wall. To the right it reads We 'red heart' our police. #medwayheroes Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit.
No. 13 ‘We ❤️ Our Police’ is at the entrance to Nucleus on Chatham High Street.
'We heart grand parents' shows a granddaughter helping her grandfather and a father looking after his daughter.  Both images are black and white on an orange brick wall. In-between the two images it reads 'We heart grand parents' #medwayheroes Hands. Face. Space. Do your bit.
No. 14 ‘We ❤️ Grand Parents’ can be found at Billy’s Bakehouse in Hoo.

Amongst all the thank yous, I’ve been meaning to say a huge thank you to all the amazing photographers from unsplash who unknowingly provided the images and inspo for most of the artwork (unsplash is my fav place for freely-usable images). Originally, I had hoped to shoot all photos myself, but we were in severe lockdown with incredibly high case numbers when creating the designs, so going out for art interrupting key workers didn’t seem right at the time. Unsplash was a lifesaver. Here are all the photographers I would like to say thank you to!

And sorry if I haven’t found you all on Insta. Will do my best to tag as many as I can find… Airfocus, Andre Ouellet, CDC, Cristina Seri, Fan Yang, Irwan, Jana Sabeth, King’s Church International, Leo Moko, Maarten van den Heuvel, Phinehas Adams, Refhad, Super Straho. ❤️❤️❤️